Bobby Jindal: Liberals Are ‘Obsessed’ With Race

I find it interesting that Governor Jindal accuses the Left of being devoid of ideas and consumed by race when I can find numerous examples of stale, out-dated economic fallacies that are still at the center of the Republican Party’s economic agenda; such as supply-side economics and we have the states of Kansas, Wisconsin and New Jersey as prime examples that despite reams of empirical data showing that Keynesian economic policies work, these Governors are still practicing failed supply-side economic theory and consequently failing their people. How is that for a true void in critical and analytical thinking. I would argue that the reason why the Left is focused on race is because the Right is focused on race but not in the same manner. The Right has, since the Obama administration has come to pass, been doubling down on gutting the Voting Right’s Act. They have also been at the forefront of many police department’s stop and frisk policies and lest we not forget the horrendous Drug Wars and the disproportionate impact it has had on the African-American population. So yes if we on the Left, by seeking to redress these grievances, makes us consumed by Race then we are indeed consumed, but in my opinion it is for all of the right reasons. Whenever the Right starts to state emphatically that the issue isn’t race related, then by golly you can rest assured that it is and not in a good way. If our voting laws across the nation were simple and every citizen regardless of economic class could just vote, then we wouldn’t have an issue, at least not from the Left’s viewpoint. If we categorically stopped the Drug Wars, we would see a steep decline in prison incarceration, freeing many African-Americans back into their communities and their families, then we would stop calling out the Right for racist policies. If all that happened I would say that the Left would be much less consumed with Race, I just don’t know how the Right would feel after all of this had transpired, what would be their feelings on Race at that point?
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