Obama Sends Congress Draft War Authorization

In my opinion this is a huge mistake, we are fating ourselves to a never-ending military conflict. Unless we, as a nation, come together and show our elected officials that we mean it when it comes to peace; there are too many profit minded corporations that profit tremendously from perpetual war. I have a proposal: instead of waging drone wars against mobile terrorists and in the process killing too many civilians and in my book one civilian is too many, we can begin to address the root cause of the birth of ISIL, which is in many respects due to other conditions such as poverty, food insecurity and mass unemployment. Moreover if we took our political resolve and forced some sort of detente between Palestine and Israel in keeping with the 1967 borders that would go very far in cutting the wind from the sails of terrorist rhetoric and their propoganda machine. The terrorist organizations have their playbook of grievances that date from the beginning of the 20th century; if we counter and take away grievance after grievance then we have eliminated their power. Peace and stability may at long last come into the region and we would not have to condemn our world to perpetual military conflict that has become borderless. I know that it wouldn’t be simple, but we would be changing the narrative and that in and of itself would be progress; we have been doing the same thing over and over again, achieving the same results, growing more terrorists; yet we still anticipate a different outcome every time, how foolish are we? That is why I suggest we completely change our approach and do something far more radical and different, maybe then we will have a different and hopefully better outcome.
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