Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Americans Wouldn’t Need ‘A Large Adjustment’ To Welcome Legal Gay Marriage

Finallly a nice dose of sanity coming from the Supreme Court, in the form of marriage equality no less, there is hope for us yet despite the five conservatives sitting for life on the hallowed bench. I realize the conservative base may greet this with apocalyptic hysteria, but eventually they will come around when they see that the sun still rises in the East and sets in the West regardless of who is marrying whom. Marriage is a social construct much like everything else that governs our social life; there aren’t any laws of nature that determine marriage, such as the laws of gravity or physics. Same sex relations exists throughout the natural world, there isn’t any right or wrong of it, it just is what it is. Since our great nation is governed with the implicit and explicit premiss of separation between Church and State, there cannot be any religious principles applied to civil matters such as marriage. I am very excited for the LGBT community right at this moment because once the issue is settled at the Supreme Court’s level, there will longer be any obstacles standing in their way to be legally bound together in marriage.
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