Bride Of Benghazi: GOP Opens New Scandal Circus Over Mortgage Settlements

Zach Carter’s article makes a very good point. The Republican Party raises some good arguments and concerns about important issues that we the people should be made aware of and in fact question the Obama administration’s policies; just because our President hails from the Democratic Party doesn’t mean he should get a free pass if his policies conflict with what the people feel should be done. However instead of taking a calm and measured look into any of these issues, their immediate go to seems to be ferreting out potential political scandal to embarrass our President and without fail they throw the people off to the side and spend our tax dollars with years of fruitless investigations and hearings. We saw this with Benghazi, Fast and Furious and there were a few others that I can’t recall their trendy names. In this case with the Big Banks settlements, I only wish that the Republican Party would throw fits over the fact that these settlements do not, in any meaningful way, make whole the offended parties nor that the perpetrators of financial fraud and illegal foreclosures serve any prison time. No instead they are attempting to paint the Department of Justice as the criminal in these proceedings with laughable accusations. I know several people who have navigated these mortgage negotiations with their banks and you have to be savvy from within the banking system to be able to figure out the exceptions, the legal jargon, the complex equations and the relationships between the different departments within the system. If part of the settlement monies is slated to fund these counseling agencies , instead of racking up accusations against defunct agencies as possible fraudulent recipients, the Republican members of these committees should be focused on insuring that the counseling agencies get as much funding as possible to help the most amount of people who are in dire need. The housing market still hasn’t sufficiently recovered in places such as Arizona, Nevada and FLorida and many families are still treading water with their outsized mortgages, they need help and the Republican Party, by conducting these useless investigations, is once more assuring the rest of us that they have no intention of governing, but they are intent on persecuting the Obama Administration for any imagined slight no matter who they ignore or neglect in the process. That is not the way to govern anything, the fact that the Republican Party doesn’t get it is proof that they do not deserve to running the show. Next time everyone get out and vote, this is our fault.
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