Bill Clinton Apologizes To Mexico For War On Drugs

One would hope that we would learn from both our past mistakes and successes, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case. I am glad that former President Clinton apologized to Mexico for the ill effects of his administration’s policies during the Drug Wars. However, while Former President Clinton is at it, he should be apologizing to our nation for NAFTA, our own consequences of the Drug Wars, and for repealing Glass-Steagal and the Futures and Commodities Act. Now that we have had the benefit of time and hindsight, the deals that Clinton and Newt Gingrich made to keep our government open had some pretty nasty repercussions such as Welfare reform, how Gingrich cut inter-government spending to the bone, depriving congress of the resources necessary to do their jobs, hence the outsized presence of lobbyists on Capitol Hill, thanks for nothing Newt Gingrich. These examples should be informing our present day decision making and yet it isn’t, to our detriment. We also didn’t learn that increasing taxes isn’t job killing, but Free Trade is and now we are being forced to fight the incarnation of NAFTA on Steroids which are the TPP and the TIPP, both Free Trade agreements being negotiated in secret as I am writing this post. We also haven’t learned that over-sized military forces leads to needless wars or needless military conflicts. We have success stories from our past that we could use nowadays, but for some strange reason we aren’t doing so and it is so sad and such a waste. The Marshall Plan that we implemented post World War II did so much to stem further military conflicts and helped many broken countries rebuild peaceably. You would think that those lessons would be applied in the Eurozone primarily with Greece, but alas this is an example proving that we don’t learn from past triumphs. Our troubled recovery from the Great Recession is another example of not benefitting from past successes; F.D.R gave us the blueprint for economic policies that work in times of economic devastation and we ignored them. History is there for us to take advantage of, not to squander and shame on us for not heeding our ready made arsenal of economic tools.
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