Jeb Bush Won’t Talk About Wars His Brother Started

We cannot plan for the future if we do not understand the past. This is just common sense, the only people who do not want others to study the past are those who want to take advantage of those people; to be forewarned is to be forearmed. The biggest mistake that the Democratic Party made in reference to the lessons learned from the Great Depression and World War II is that they failed to to see what type of lessons were learned by the wealthy. We learned how to use the might of the government and of the people to build a strong middle class post World War II and on the flip side as time passed and memories faded, the wealthy learned how to exploit and utilize a whole different set of tools to re-establish their conduits of wealth extraction through lower tax rates, overseas job sourcing, right to work laws, financial deregulation and primacy of the stock markets. Moreover they doubled down on new financial instruments and new technologies to further widen income inequality. Jeb Bush was and is of the same mind as his brother, the Koch brothers and all republican supply-side believers; his state of Florida suffered enormously during the Great Recession and though he wasn’t at the Governor’s mansion at the time, he had set the stage for their housing collapse. I am not looking forward to the 2016 elections because both sides do not have a single candidate that gives me any hope whatsoever. Jeb Bush is more of what failed us in the past as is Hillary Clinton, we need someone to the left of President Obama, we need Bernie Sanders. The Bush and Clinton legacies have been established and there is no reason to revisit them. They have their Presidential libraries and if anyone is nostalgic, they can go visit. We need Bernie Sanders who understands that the middle class needs to be rebuilt, the lower classes need to have programs that help them climb the economic ladder towards the middle class and affordable education is the pathway to that end. Furthermore Bernie Sanders understands that war is not the answer and we need to stop spending all of our nation’s capital on defense; instead we need to invest in ourselves, that is a sign of true strength, when your people are thriving and secure.
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