How Trade Deals Boost the Top 1% and Bust the Rest

I wonder how many people remember the 2001 Seattle protests and what they were about; the protestors were prescient about the damage of these supposed “free trade agreements”; if anyone tuned into Last Week with John Oliver, then you learned a valuable lesson into what free trade agreements can actually do according to the fine print, corporations can take nations to International Courts of Law over perceived infractions against their bottom line. I had read about lawsuits between Chevron and Ecuador and that lawsuit only adds insult to injury, the Ecuadorian people have suffered huge health problems due to environmental disasters and Chevron turns around to penalize them further for lost profits. This should be the poster child of corporate malfeasance against people, all for profit. We don’t need any more free trade agreements, these only benefit corporations; what we really need are fair trade agreements, agreements that look out for the average person. The Republican Party talks up the dangers of federal debt and deficits, but no one in D.C ever talks about trade deficits and we have a huge one, if we concentrated on that, the conversations would be very different. Our negative trade balance is what is hurting the American worker, we need to manufacture here in this country and we need to circumnavigate the flow of money back down to the people, who are the real producers in this nation. Those who sit on boards know how to scam and exploit, they don’t really do anything useful, the stock market is predicated on hot air, luck, and if you look closely, stocks go up when companies lay off their employees, that in and of itself should be the red flag that our economy should not be focused on the stock market. The last thing that we need are two more free trade agreements such as the TPP and the TPIPP, I have been signing petition after petition calling for congress to vote against Fast Tracking these agreements, the negotiations are cloaked in secrecy and secrecy is anathema to democracy. Corporations should not be above the will of the people and it is up to us to elect lawmakers who will respect our will. Corporations are not people, no matter what those five Supreme Court judges decreed, one of these days we will come together and vote an additional amendment that will negate Citizen’s United completely; until that day comes we need to stand strong and write our congress person relentlessly.
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