White House Agrees With Rudy Giuliani: He Said A ‘Horrible Thing’

If I understand correctly, the Republican Party believes that one only loves America if one is wiling to send the military immediatly out to subjugate any threat, no matter what, who, real or imagined that threat may be, as long as there is oil involved. Former President George W. Bush, by that definition, most definitely loves America because he got us into two long and bloody wars, I only wish that his love extended to the veterans that he created with his Presidential actions, sanctioned by congress of course. Apparently it really grates on the Republican Party’s sensibilities that our President doesn’t look like them and didn’t have the same type of upbringing; single mom, Indonesian cultural exposure, Hawaiian culture and of course the infamous community organizing. I really do not understand how the Kenyan anti-colonial worldview that according to Newt Gingrich and the rest of the Republican Party, determines President Obama’s foreign policy and his overall mindset thus making him ill-suited to be our President, ever came about and how anyone can give it credence. I realize that the Republican Party is enamored with the cowboy image of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush but what have their policies given us? Reagan gave us Iran-Contra, he helped grow the Taliban, he didn’t help the situation in Lebanon and George W.Bush redirected our military away from Afghanistan to Iraq for illegitimate reasons and what have any of those policies afforded us in terms of peace and security? Our President is trying to steer us away from those failed policy directives in order to get better and different outcomes and that is his sin, defying the conservative Republican foreign policy ideology; shock and awe in the name of oil first and Christian supremacy second. I believe that we need to change our policies because we can’t continue down this road; too many civilians are being killed without care and with impunity. This fact alone is a breeding ground for fanaticism, couple that with poverty and little hope for economic prospects, and you have a powder keg waiting to explode, does this sound familiar? This is the Middle East situation as we know it right now.
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