Numbers Show Senate Women Get More Done Than Men

The anecdoctal data presented in this article should be a red flag as to how important diversity is to our democratic process. Granted I believe that for this to really happen, we absolutely have to get money out of our political process from point A right down to point Z. If that happened then we might be able to see more conferences that are productive in terms of reconciling different views into coherent legislation. I don’t want to say that women are better deal makers, but in a woman’s daily life, negotiating in a variety of ways is as common as drinking a glass of water. It is a logical extension that they would bring their negotiating skills to congress when elected. Moreover given that women in general tend to operate in a conference like manner, having more diversity would work very well within that framework. I wish that we had more teachers, plumbers, social workers, rabbis as opposed to only lawyers, a few doctors and business men. I think it also goes without saying that we need more immigrants, latino, African-American, Jewish and so on, like I said diversity. We have been at the mercy of an all white, older male legislative body for a long time and the outcomes that we have been dealing with since the 1980’s haven’t been all that great if you aren’t part of the 1%, so I think that we need to strive for better, better and different. We have excellent examples from the past, the New Deal and all of the financial regulations that accompanied it hand in hand, if we tied those lessons with a more diverse legislative body, just imagine how far we could go. Protests, petitions and manifestations are tools at our disposal and we need to use them as well as getting out the rest of us to vote at every election and referendum. We have our voice as our power, we can’t lay down in silence, we need to stand up.
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