Friday Talking Points — GOP’s Government Shutdown Showdown

I have to confess that with the pending government agency Homeland Security shutdown, I have had some crazy thoughts brewing in my mind such as let it shut down, it’s too bloated anyway. I then realize that for the hardworking people who need their jobs and dedicate their days to providing us with protective services in each of their job capacities, it would be a severe hardship and for that, I put my thoughts off to the back of my mind. However I can’t help but think that our overall response to September 11th, 2001 has done more harm to our nation and to our people than what those attacks did on that one appalling day. That one day produced a series of responses that created consequences that still reverberate to this day and we can’t seem to escape that closed system of knee jerk response producing unwanted consequences producing more knee jerk responses and the closed loop system continues to circulate without a stop in sight. Homeland Security has become a bloated machine, taking so much of our resources away from other areas that are sorely lacking in funding such as infrastructure, education, housing and our social insurance programs however there is a place for them in our defense, it would just be nice if we could figure out a more reasoned approach and size for that agency. The same could be said for the breadth of the Patriot Act, we still haven’t summoned up the courage to demand that our lawmakers repeal the law. The NSA is another example of how much freedom we lost due to our ill thought our response over September 11th and finally the Iraq War, it has spawned ISIS/ISIL because we attacked a country that did not warrant invasion. The Homeland Security question isn’t only about priorities and funding, it is about governance. The Republican Party bluntly put one government agency at risk because they could not come together to put forth a legislative solution to the immigration issue. It is that simple.
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