Why We’re All Becoming Independent Contractors

I have decided that whenever I hear someone in power, who represents the monied interests speak about freedom, it is inevitably done to persuade those who don’t have any power to accept their propositions and to ignore the consequences of the proposals because as those in power like to say loudly “freedom is at stake” and they want to convince the powerless that “freedom” is more important than economic security. Libertarians don’t want governement involved whatsoever and they believe in the “free market” system and the freedoms that it provides. I would argue to the contrary, first of all there is no such thing as a free market; our corporations and our wealthy class are coddled even more than the poorest of the poor by our government’s tax code and our tax code is one of the tools that is used to redistribute our collective wealth. Uber and Fed Ex by categorizing their workers as independent contractors are gaming the tax code, the labor system and foisting all work related responsiblity and accountability onto the little guy, while reaping all of the productivity and siphoning the wealth up to the top. The conservative right yells hysterically about income redistribution, but they fall eerily silent when the facts show that the only income redistribution that has really occurred, has been under supply-side economic policies and all of it done under the watchful eyes of Reagan, Bush and Bush; I would say stealing most of the middle classes economic security for themselves. I don’t understand why most people do not comprehend that the middle class and the working class only do well when there are strong financial regulations in place, when the tax code is written in a progressive manner, when we invest collectively in our infrastructure, our educational system, our social insurance programs and we have a strong manufacturing base. It has been a long forty years of the Reagonomics experiment; it has failed us miserably. Aren’t you tired of struggling and feeling on your own? Companies used to feel a sense of community, a feeling of participation and responsibility, now all they are concerned with are stock prices, mergers and acquisitions and sky high profits; the employees are just pawns without any real importance and that is why we need our government to do what Teddy Roosevelt believed it was meant to do, look out for the people and protect them and their economic rights and freedoms.
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