Mitch McConnell Unveils Plan B Against Obama Immigration Actions

When the shoe is on the other foot, it isn’t very comfortable to stand on, now is it Senators McConnell and Cruz. Our President stated on numerous occasions and very clearly, that he would stop his executive action the minute that congress did its job and passed a comprehensive immigration bill. So why all of the drama? The DHS shutdown is purely a self created crisis of Republican Party hysteria, a temper tantrum if you will; the nation pretty much knows this and is waiting for the Republican Party to calm down and clean up the mess that they made. The next move is a very simple one, clear the DHS for funding without any strings attached and then get to work at writing a comprehensive immigration bill that has been on hold for far too long. It would do our nation some good to have a congress that does its job and legislates needs, opportunities and possibilities into workable laws for the people that congress serves. It might just start a trend; wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace? 

read the article:

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