Phil Gramm’s ‘Freedom Option’ Reveals The GOP’s Real Agenda For Obamacare

Phil Gramms’ op-ed reveals the inate fallacy in using the word “freedom” when discussing economic principles within a social and political framework. I have previously stated that whenever you hear republicans utter the words “freedom” and the American people, be on your guard because their motives are not charitable in the least. Historically it has always meant that the rich get richer and the middle class and the less fortunate pay the piper and in this case by giving the American people the “freedom to opt out of the Affordable Care Act, as Jonathan Cohn explains so nicely, so many lower income families will be hard hit if the healthy participants opt out, thus making health care insurance unaffordable once again. This isn’t a real alternative to the Affordable Care Act, it is only a return to the previous way of doing things regarding health care insurance, which only proves that the Republican Party as a whole is extremely deficient when it comes to envisioning and implementing better socio-economic and political policies for the average American. If we examine the Republican Party’s response over the past five years of the Affordable Care Act’s life as a law,  we have 50 odd votes to repeal the law, but absolutely nothing to replace it with legisaltively; that isn’t a constructive way to govern, is it? I have read at least five or six articles over the past month or so that indicate that the republican leadership is worried about the Supreme Court’s ruling come June in the Burgess case, because if they rule in favor of the Republican Party, thereby stripping federal subsidies to a good number of states, the Republican Party has nothing of value to offer and that is a huge problem for them if they are serious about the 2016 Presidential campaign. We have seen them try to stake their claim on economic issues that concern  the middle class, speaking to income inequality and economic opportunities for everyone; if they fail the American people when it comes to health care insurance coverage, which takes a huge toll on the economic health on all lower income families, then they have nothing and will show up empty handed to the debates and campaign rallies. This Supreme Court case is huge, not only for the American people and their access to health care insurance coverage but also to the Republican Party’s political fortunes as a whole. This wil be a trial by fire if the Supreme Court rules the wrong way for everyone in this country. We should be worried.

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