Scott Walker Says He Can Take On ISIS Because He Took On Labor Unions

Governor Walker may have tried to explain his reasons for comparing his experience shutting down the democratic process within his state with some future strategy dealing with murderous terrorists, but I am not buying it. Of course he will hide behind the old excuse that somehow his intent was hijacked by the “liberal media” but there is no  way that you can mess up his statement; it is as clear as day. He equated hard working Americans demonstrating for their rights to economc security and fair wages with lawless terrorists bent on killing innocents if they do not surrender to their way of life first. Even if I was inclined to give this man the benefit of the doubt, how can you think that by simply denying your consituents their due process by ramming legislation through the senate in the middle of the night and allowing mass arrests of demonstrators that these acts as Governor prepares you in any way for the foreign policy mindfield that is the Middle East? Scott Walker may have the backing of the Koch brothers but he is clearly not ready for prime time with this as an example of his simplistic reasoning capabilities which follows other examples such as punting the evolution question to a later date and acquiescing to Rudy Guilianni’s hateful comment about President Obama. The only use Scott Walker is vis a vis the Presidential race is that he has set the bar rather high in terms of conservative hate speak, we will see how the other potential candidates will respond. It will be an interesting primary season.  

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  1. he could give it a shot 😀

    1. That would be intriguing indeed. 😀

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