House Republicans Call One-Week Timeout On DHS Shutdown Drama

If you truly belive that immigration is so very important then why not do your best in crafting a comprehensive immigration bill that is capable of passing both the house and the senate? The Republican Party has been of one mind over the illegality of President Obama’s executive action regarding young undocumented immigrants, that he is overstepping his authority, however it is time now that they put their money where their mouth is and produce immigration legislation viable to be acted upon, end of story. This farce of taking the Department of Homeland Security to the brink of insolvency just to stick it to our President is beyond irresponsible, it is the height of cynicism, allowing the thousands of hardworking employees, working to protect our national security, to go unpaid, allowing economic insecurity into their lives. I believe the lesson here is that when a party is finally voted into the majority; the demands are of a different nature, it is more important to govern at this juncture than it is to simply dissent. Governance means compromise and accommodation, not obstruction for obstruction’s sake.   

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