Boehner’s and Bibi’s Blunders ‘Liberate’ U.S. Foreign Policy from NeoCons

Paul Abrams I hope that you are correct and the neo-conservatives have finally been shown up as the irresponsible warmongers for profit that they clearly are; to think that it took all this time. Now if we can only get the neo-liberals shown up to be the greedy soul sucking mega capitalists that they are, we would be sitting pretty right now. In response to what Paul Abrams wrote about Boehner; I couldn’t agree more, Boehner has taken the decades long republican brand as security gatekeepers and flushed it down the toilet and all for what, because the Republican Party cannot get it together on issues of immigration reform. The saddest part of the whole debacle is that we are all from immigrant families, the Native Americans were here first and we slaughtered them to take this land, the very least that we should be doing is adopting measures that honor our remaining tribes, but since we are incapable of doing right by them, shouldn’t we be working especially hard to honor the legacy of this nation of immigrants? Doesn’t it seem to be the right thing to do, to mitigate the horrors that we visited upon the Native American tribes, that we at least treat all immigrants with respect because if we don’t, then why did we wrest this land away from its original caretakers? I am not sure if I am communicating my thought process coherently but I hope that you understand the spirit of what I am saying. Immigration has made this nation what it is, why should we be held up by a party that only seems to be interested in what is their’s, forget about the others. That isn’t how societies prosper, that is how societies fail and fall into ruin. Another concern of mine regarding the damage that Boehner is doing, is at what point is defunding our government completely or even partially going to be viewed as an irresponsible form of governance? This mindset of my way or the highway hurts us economically, psychologically and politically; it is showing the world that we are our own worst enemy and it is simply embarrassing; the Republican Party criticizes our President for not leading militarily, but the Republican Party should look in the mirror because they are certainly not leading anything in terms of domestic policy, they are wrapped up in chasing their own tails that the job of governance is taking a back seat to all of their theatrics. I would be embarrassed if I were a republican.

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