Is Hillary a Sure Thing in 2016?

Robert Kuttner raises some serious concerns about the democratic presidential field of candidates for 2016 and he is right to do so, we have to wake up and get some competitive action going on for the left. This is not the time to rest on our laurels because we haven’t done anything spectacular that would merit becoming complacent. I do not want Hillary Clinton as President because she is too much in the pocket of Wall Street and she has learned nothing from the disastrous mistakes that her husband made during his time as President. Moreover the fact that she counts Robert Rubin amongst her advisors is enough for me to leave her on the side and search for an alternative. Robert Rubin persuaded former President Clinton into signing the repeal of Glass-Steagall and just look at how little time it took for Wall Street to tank our economy. I know that Hillary Clinton has met with Senator Elizabeth Warren but one meeting does not even come close to what Hillary Clinton needs to do to convince me that she has the vision to strengthen our financial sector’s regulations, to put more white collar task force personnel on the beat, to continue looking for ways to help tackle our student loan debt problems and to shore up working class and middle class families over all. Actually I think that we have quite a few names that would bring a lot of great new ideas to a democratic primary such as Senator Sherrod Brown, Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Bernie Sanders, former Governor Martin O’Malley, Senator Al Franken aside form Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is not running for President; I am at a loss of another female elected official who would want to run, maybe Representative Maxine Waters? Essentially we are hurting ourselves, as Rachel Maddow mentioned weeks ago, if we don’t have a strong and competitive primary. This is a very serious issue and we need to get our grass roots organizers on it right away, we are already in March of 2015, the time to act is now.

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