Huge Stakes As Supreme Court Takes Third Crack At Obamacare

I think that if the worst case scenario happens and the Supreme Court 5 to 4 determines that the one phrase “state run exchange” meant what it meant, then we will have seen how pure ideology has come to rule our society; despite the devastating consequences that those in power know this decision will visit on those who are in tough economic situations. The difference this time is that we have had time now to live through the difference that The Affordable Care Act has made in millions of lives and if the Supreme Court decides to undo the good that the law has done, the legislative branch of the Republican Party will be caught unprepared despite the fact that for six years they have been voting to repeal the law like clock work. They haven’t spent near enough time coming up with a viable alternative without getting us back to the way things used to be which frankly should not even be an option. We love telling ourselves that we are the wealthiest nation on Earth, the greatest nation on Earth and the most exceptional, but we would be willing to go back to the way things were? I don’t think so, our Presidents going back to at least Teddy Roosevelt, have all tried to get our nation to have some type of national health insurance coverage system and our President has finally achieved that goal, he courageously fought for that initiative early in his first term despite all of his “experts” telling him not to; President Obama deeply believed in this fight and 6 years later we are still fighting the good fight to hold onto this landmark legislative achievement. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Supreme Court, specifically John Roberts, will do the humanitarian thing and let the law stand as it is because as this article states, our republican congress is not up to the task of simply amending that one phrase, so we are left waiting and hoping that John Roberts makes the decision for them.

read the article:


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