Republicans Introduce Throwback Legislation To Rekindle Forgotten Welfare Fight From 2012

What I find troubling about the Republican Party’s mindset regarding the poor, the working poor and welfare recipients is that they immediately go to the most negative portrayal of humanity; they project laziness, meaness, ignorance, dishonesty and other less than desirable qualities to justify the party’s harsh policy prescriptions. Once you are at poverty levels, the difficulty to survive increases exponentially and since the 1980’s when our nation adopted Reagan inspired economic policies, the middle class has lost a tremendous footing and the Great Recession didn’t help matters either, throwing thousands out of the middle class and into the precarious lower income classes. I find that adding additional stressors such as blanket work requirements when there are already quite a number of variables that make a poor person’s daily existence much more difficult than it should be, means that the Republican Party doesn’t fully understand the underlying issues that could help them, instead of just making their lives much more difficult. When you approach an issue already biased against one of the parties involved, you are much less inclined to look for better outcomes for that party. We need to focus on keeping young people in school, providing free child care, providing universal pre-school, school breakfast and lunches, adding home economics, bookeeping and/or accounting, sex education, and legal studies to our high school curriculum. I know that this is quite the laundry list for our public high schools, but I had those courses in my private high school, St Francis Prep and they were essential; learning about basic finance from a teacher is often much better than learning from your own parents, just because the emotional component is taken out of the equation, the same for sex education, it is often much more effective. I understand that the Republican Party likes to tell themselves that they only want for the poor to empower themselves and to separate themselves from being beholden to the taxpayer dime, but I find it to be the height of hypocrisy when I see how strongly they fight for corporate tax subsidies and wealthy people subsidies, in other words corporate welfare. When are the corporations and the wealthy going to empower themselves and sever their dependence on the taxpayer dime?

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