The Answer to Hillary Clinton’s ‘Emailgate’: Vote Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2016

One of my issues with Hillary Clinton is that she keeps too silent on important issues, regardless of whether she is running or not, and on that note I feel that she has an obligation to the Democratic Party and its base to alert them of her plans now, because we are in the year 2015 and primary season is right around the corner; moreover if she doesn’t plan to run, the Democratic Party needs to find other viable candidates and pronto. I know that the centrist democrats are excited for a 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, however I would argue that we have already had 8 years of a centrist democrat and if we want the recent economic gains to finally get to Main Street then we need to rally around the progressive arm of the Democratic Party. Now I realize that Senator Elizabeth Warren is not going to run and in case anyone has forgotten she is doing very important work right where she is on our behalf, but that shouldn’t get in our way to reach out to other potential progressive candidates in the meantime. If Hillary Clinton does decide to run, she is still going to need a competitive primary campaign, not only for herself but for the American people as well. I think that if Hillary Clinton doesn’t start speaking up soon, she is seriously undermining her prospects, the short-term political future of the Democratic Party and the democrats in general. 

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