Friday Talking Points — Obamacare Fails to Kill Jobs, Once Again

Chris Weigant is one of my favorite political writers; he writes about important issues and infuses it with an appropriate amount of sarcasm, just enough to reverse the scowl on my face into a smile, which unfortunately for me, occurs every time I read about the latest self-induced Republican Party crisis that negatively impacts the American people. He makes a great point that the case regarding gerrymandering being presented to the Supreme Court isn’t getting the coverage that it should be in the mainstream media. Gerrymandering is of great concern because it directly effects the average constituent and it is a gross misuse of the judicial system for political advantages. I am surprised that more people do not protest over the hijacking of their vote and voice due to creative redistricting to produce a specific outcome which often does not coincide with a person’s actual vote. I think that our government has lost sight of what majority rule actually means precisely because they have found ways to manipulate outcomes in their favor even without being of the majority and that is a major problem in our democracy. However this case, just like the Affordable Care Act case, will be decided later on this year and until then we have, as Chris Weignant, plenty of other issues to occupy ourselves with such as the transportation fund which is extremely important to our collective safety. I have to say that reading Senator Ted Cruz’s words in terms of his legislative strategy for future fights was a little chilling when he threatened holding the Department of Labor as an example of hostage taking in future battles. Why does governance in the Republican worldview have to be analogous to gunfights, hostage taking, war, or battles? Why can’t governance reflect values that coincide with reason, logic, compromise,discussion, or accommodation? I believe that our nation would benefit more from healthy and logical debates about issues that concern all of us then these repeated showdowns that take us to the brink. I think that collectively we are suffering from PTSD from living with a profoundly obstructionist, oppositional party that is the Republican Party. 

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