Barack Obama Marks 50th Anniversary Of ‘Bloody Sunday’ With Powerful Speech In Selma

Our President said “You are America. Unconstrained by habits and convention. Unencumbered by what is, and ready to seize what ought to be,” he was addressing the youth of America when he spoke those words and I believe that these words should be enshrined forever because they are one of the most hopeful and powerful words yet to describe what America is all about. Rudy Guiliano and his fellow conservatives, which is sadly the totality of the Republican Party ,stand back and accuse our President of not loving America the right way, but I say that there isn’t a “right” way to love a country. There is most certainly a better way to love one’s fellow man and that is by doing as our President is urging us to do, have respect for all, despite their color, sexual orientationa and religious creed, it really isn’t that difficult, we are all human underneath our social constructs. Social constructs are what both help and hurt, help us feel empowered by giving us a group tp belong to and hurt us by separating us from those who are different and building those differences into something to fear and ostracize; it is a double-edged sword, our instinct to congregate into homogenous groups, fearful of what we don’t understand. I hope for our sake, as humman beings, that we will evolve more concretely from our residual survivalist instincts and rely more definitively upon reason, compassion and logic; these three traits are not incompatible, when reason and logic reign, it allows compassion to shine because fear has been erased or at least kept at a minimum and doesn’t dominate the mind. I find it so sad that the Voting Rights Act hasn’t been renewed and as President Obama said so eloquently in his speech that if both Presidents Reagan and Bush could get it done without fanfare during their presidencies than what is the problem with our congress today? The answer lies within the House of Representatives, under republican control for too long, alas a result of gerrymandering and low voter turnout, the Republican Party is doing our nation a great disservice by not honoring the sacrifices of those who fought at great personal cost for the historic 1965 Voting Rights Act law to set social injustices right, their decision to not renew this law is a slap in the face to every American. We need to pressure every one of our lawmakers to not give up and to demand that the House bring this to the floor and fight for its renewal. We have tools at our disposal; phone calls and petitions, we need to put these to good use and demand that our will be done.

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