Iran Schools GOP Senators On International Law

Traditionally the Senate is the chamber of congress that makes the more nuanced, reasoned deliberations before legislative action, that is why their terms are six years so that they have the time to think and deliberate on the seriousness of their responsibilities towards governance. Well, apparently these 47 senators, including 3 potential presidential nominees threw seriousness, caution, reason and patriotism out of the window and indulged in a spurious moment of potentially treasonous action. They have not only embarrassed us globally by informing the entire world that we have a senate that is almost 50% ignorant of its own responsibilities and limitations, but we have signaled the world that this same group wants a war with Iran because if not, then why pen such a letter and on top of that invite Betanyahu to speak in front of congress, undermining the President’s ongoing negotiations with Iran if you don’t want war? I don’t want war. I am so angry that we have such a belligerent faction in our government who goes behind our President’s back at every chance that they get to push us to more instability and insecurity in the Middle East. Of course to top it off, this letter illustrates the extant that prejudice is alive and well in one of our political parties; Senator Tom Cotton, newly elected but still, decided that Iran needs a primer in our constitution and assumed that the Iranian leadership did not understand English when for those of us who have traveled abroad, it has become difficult to find people in positions of wealth and/or power who do not speak English. Tom Cotton only proved his sad ignorance and his hateful prejudice to the world with his treasonous actions, I say treasonous because if you look at the Logan Act, a law that dates back to the John Adams presidency, unauthorized citizens are expressly forbidden from meeting with or sending correspondence to foreign governments with the express desire to interfere with executive actions. The letter that was sent by the 47 senators fits the parameters of this law, however the odds of them being punished under that law are slim to none, but I would still really like for them to be censured in some way. Our world would be a safer place if we could conclude these talks peaceably and even better, get to a less hostile relationship than before with Iran. Haven’t we all had enough of war and violence? 

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