Thomas Piketty Calls Out Republican ‘Hypocrisy’ On Income Inequality

Jeb Bush and his fellow republicans believe that government should be as small as possible and have the least amount of impact in one’s life, I think it’s because ideologically, they believe that the “market” forces are a better arbiter of outcomes than the imposed will of government, so they would rather put their money into and have society’s tax payer dollars be at the mercy of the “market” than the government’s, that is my understanding more or less. When it comes to education, you see this ideology play out in much of the legislation put forth by the Republican Party, their desire to establish as many Charter schools as possible to act as a competitor to public schools, not only in terms of parental choice, but also in terms of severely needed resources as well. Many of our public schools have tremendous challenges not only due to a lack of funding, but also because many of their students are facing serious challenges at home and come to school already behind the curve; poverty and food insecurity make learning almost impossible and nothing on the educational agenda addresses those real world issues. Personally I feel that funding our public schools primarily through property taxes perpetuates income inequality because the best public schools will always be in the more affluent areas while the inner city and poorer neighborhoods will be struggling with inadequate access to reading materials, failing structural issues and inexperienced teachers because frankly better outcomes follow better resources. Moreover the students themselves are as different as night and day; students who come to school well nourished and well fed will be able to absorb much more than a student who is hungry and stressed from being hungry; who instinctively knows that his or her parents are stressed by the impossibility of economic survival at times; some do rise up beyond these challenges, but many cannot and it requires a very special person to be able to invest their extra time in a classroom to reach that child and the many others like them; we don’t provide the financial assistance to public schools who harbor those poor children so in actuality by following the Republican Party’s legislative agenda in starving public schools of much needed funding, allowing them to push through Charter Schools and siphoning off their precious remaining monies, we are endorsing an educational pathway to more income inequality. I sincerely do not see how privatizing everything from education, to infrastructure, to social insurance programs and our health care insurance system has made our nation better, instead I see it more fragmented and divided into those who have and those who don’t. I think that when you hear the Republican Party’s answer to income inequality with almost insulting non-answers such as the politics of envy and using terms such as takers and free-loaders, you have to realize that a person who comes into office presumably to serve the public, their intentions aren’t what they seem to be when they resort to trivializing grave problems and also demeaning a large segment of the population at the same time, in order to set an agenda solely for the more affluent. I subscribe to the ideal that we do better as a society when our most vulnerable do better and that starts with education.

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