‘Blood Is Still Red’: Ferguson Fears Setback As Cop-Shooter Eludes Manhunt

I can only hope that this horrific crime will not alter the path forward to healing and change in the Ferguson community. The Department of Justice Report clearly demonstrates the need for an immediate change within the police department because a police department should not be used as an additional revenue stream for the municipality, that puts a profit driven taint on its mandate for law and order. I sincerely hope that this criminal is caught, correctly processed, given a thorough taste of due process and convicted beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of his peers and put away for a very long time. The healing process should not be put on hold while the manhunt is under way, in this, the community has to find the strength to endure and make every effort to come into a reconciliation from both sides. The police department needs structural changes from top to bottom; personnel, procedural systems and goals need to be examined and the recommendations issued by the Department of Justice need to be worked into the final overhaul. Meanwhile the community needs to be heard while the police department reworks itself; after decades of inherent racism, the turn around will take time, but on a positive note, taking a community’s needs into account may be very helpful in the reallignment of Ferguson police department. Perhaps having the eyes of America on them will be a boon instead of a handicap; I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the people of Ferguson. They deserve to live unafraid of police, sadly the African-American community hasn’t had a protective or communicative relationship historically and I hope that this will change, a change of that magnitude would be felt on a societal level that would be unprecedented, I would argue. We need to remain open and hopeful because once hope is lost, change will never come.

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