Obama Calls For Improved Veterans’ Care During Visit To Troubled VA Hospital

I realize that our veterans are still in dire need of our assistance on multiple fronts; housing, unemployment, therapy and of course healthcare, but why are the republicans, especially Senator John McCain acting so angry when they pushed very hard over the years to cut the very programs that are supposed to serve our veterans. I am sorry if this will anger republicans, but in my opinion, the Republican Party, especially after Reagan, seem to be made up primarily of elected officials bent towards military conflict and escalation; yet once our veterans come home, they are so reluctant to invest in their welfare. It makes me think of their attitude towards the abortion issue; as long as the fetus is in its mother’s womb, republicans will fight for that fetus no matter the consequence, but once the fetus is born, becoming a baby, then that’s it, the baby and its mother are on their own. This is no way to govern a society. We need to honor those who have served, those who are vulnerable and still have respect for our legal system, its laws, our rights and the rights of others. Our government and our society are social contracts that we make with each other; we have the power and we can find the will to shape the contract between ourselves and our government as well as the pact that we make to each other as a society, much like our Founding Fathers did over two hundred years ago. President Obama said it very well when he spoke at Selma that it is our patriotism that allows us to strive to make our nation a more perfect union, a union that would better reflect our ideals; that is in essence what makes our nation so wonderful and yes, exceptional. We have that power and it is possible, we just have to want it. Our veterans can be better taken care of and they should be; we just have to make it happen by demanding that our elected lawmakers make it a budgetary priority. It is an embarrassment to think that part of our congress agitates for war and then fails our returning veterans because supposedly we can’t afford it, veteran aftercare should always be one of the first line items in any military calculation. I have an easy answer for the veteran problem; no more war.

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