Boehner To Announce New Investigation Of Hillary Clinton Emails: ABC

I am so sick and tired of these “investigations” they are a distraction from the real job of governance; we have serious items on our agenda that need addressing such as the financially distressed Highway Fund, immigration reform is still pending, campaign finance reform, tax code reform and there is the entire education matter from top down to deal with, I mean these matters take precedence over e-mails pure and simple. I do think that Hillary Clinton, knowing how the Beltway operates and the way the media will treat her, should have known that using a private email just for convenience, was going to generate the wrong kind of attention, not that of deliberate wrongdoing, but  more along the lines of non-transparency. She has been in Washington D.C forever now, she should have been more circumspect. Now having said that, we can go down the list of recent elected officials who have done  worse with their own private email accounts: President Goerge W. Bush who had an imbroglio with the White House emails and the RNC and their email deletions, former Governor Jeb Bush and his private emails that had been deleted, Governor Scott Walker  and his private campaign emails, Governor Cuomo and his issue with emails and given that all of these elected officials have had their own issues, I don’t see why Boehner feels the need to waste taxpayer money to launch an investigation. So far the Republican Party has had a black eye on their brand when it comes to digging and digging for scandals that are clearly nonexistant, when are they going to learn from their disastrous outcomes? I mean when they went after former President Bill Clinton to impeach him, Bill Clinton came out ahead in the polls whereas the Republican Party lost what little respectability they had left after Newt Gingrich had brought congress to ruination with his horrendous Contract with America; he purposefully made our government less capable of writing its own version of legislation by slashing congress internal budgets, took away their ability to become real experts in their realms of responsibility, instead forcing them to rely on outside lobbyists to provide the “expert” knowledge that is required to make informed decisions. In my opinion that is the real world scandal that has had decades of negative impact on us and our government, Hillary Clinton’s preference for private emails does not even come close to anything resembling a proper scandal. John Boehner should be ashamed of himself for wasting our time and our money.

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