House Republican Budget Whacks Food Stamps And Medicaid

Forget about the rhetoric, the campaign promises, and all of their talking points, if you want to really understand what the Republican Party is all about, just study their budgets; the numbers do not mislead, do not equivocate, numbers show where priorities truly lie and war, income inequality, wealth appropriation and a preference for oligarchical rule are what the numbers tell us, plain and simple. If we examine the progressive caucus budget, their priorities, again reflected by the numbers, are focused on the elderly, children and working families, no matter what economic strata they occupy, personally I prefer the progressive caucus’ priorities because their blueprint for what our government should be investing our taxpayer dollars towards, would not only benefit the majority of Americans, but would also strengthen our society as a whole and our economy would grow, bolstered from the bottom upwards. If our economic foundations were sound, the real world implications would be that we had a strong manufacturing economy, living wages were the norm, we had strong family leave programs, universal preschool and dependable childcare programs, I and other progressives would be the first to refocus our priorities away from the social safety nets and continue to focus on improving and maintaining our infrastructure, our energy needs and our research and development needs. It should be noted that military spending is missing on my list of budgetary priorities, I find it disturbing that we spend more on our military than most of the world combined; we don’t need to be able to blow the world up twenty times over, once is sufficient. It is appalling that the Republican Party readily accepts having such a high number of  children living in poverty, food insecurity and their parents forced to work several jobs just to make ends meet. It doesn’t need to be this way and we have empirical evidence to back this up right now in a tale of two states; Minnesota and Wisconsin. Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton has employed Keynesian principles in his economic steerage of his state and all economic indicators are above the national median; the average wage is 8,000 higher, consumer confidence is higher, unemployment is at 3.6% and job creation is exemplary; conversely Governor Scott Walker’s Koch inspired economic steership has hastened Wisconsin’s economic decline. These economic outcomes are direct results of the gubernatorial elections, Mark Dayton took his state down one path and Scott Walker down another, and the results are in, based on these two experiments I fear what another republican President will do to our still fragile economy. We have data, we have knowledge, we have our votes, we can effect an outcome that would be beneficial to all of us.  

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