The Freakout From An Obamacare Ruling Could Be Unlike Anything We’ve Seen

This whole fiasco reminds me of a scene in Willow when one of the little people yells out at the gathering “Who’s to Blame?” and then they proceed to yell out things like “Throw them in the Mines” and Willow trys to subtly escape. So Who’s to Blame? In my opinion, it is the Republican Party and their lawmakers for refusing to participate in the legislative process and the Republican Governors for refusing to participate in the implementation process. The Republican Party truly owns this debacle because, if only for the simple fact that to make this issue go away, all that is needed is for an amendment to the law to be made, an amendment consisting of a handful of words and they won’t do it, so that is why they own this crisis if it occurs and there is no getting around it. The voters wrath will be of the Republican Party’s own creation, as all of the self manufactured crisis in recent years have been, the Republican Pary has been on a tear when it comes to demonstrating how ill-equipped they are at leading and governance. If it weren’t so important for our society to have competant governance, it would be so richly funny, but it is critical to have a smart, informed and compassionate legislative body driving our democracy and so therefore it is a tragedy, because in the end it is the people who suffer the most. I am hoping that either Justice John Roberts or Justice Anthony Kennedy listen to their conscience and vote to uphold the law as it and the way subsidies are awarded regardless of whose exchange it came from, the federal or the state’s, it is the right thing to do, I hope that they see that.

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