McConnell Crusades For States To Ignore EPA Rules, But Kentucky’s Not Listening

What is wrong with Mitch McConnell? Why must we be deprived of potentially clean alternative energy just because the coal companies, the oil companies and the natural gas companies don’t want to give up their huge profit margins. Instead of intelligently investing in technologies that look to the future; the C.E.O’s have doubled down on exploitative fossil fuel extraction to this planet’s peril and where are we supposed to go from here, except to take the initiative ourselves and ask our government to do their part in safeguarding our collective air quality, water safety and soil safety. Corporations are content letting the taxpayer assume the cost burden to cleanup their messes, while at the same time they are very happy accepting tax subsidies and tax breaks which incidentally is another cross to be borne by the taxpayer. There isn’t any upshot to these giant energy companies from my point of view, they siphon the monies away from the consumer only to put it in their pockets, instead of reinvesting in their community, which would be the patriotic of them, they turn around and search for more high risk energy pools just for the easy profits. Moreover to add insult on top of injury, they have been at the epicenter of fueling the anti-science propaganda that has dominated Fox news for the past few years; in turn creating a low information pool of voters, which exacerbates the problem because it sets up a fraudulent debate, there isn’t room for debate in terms of climate change, the clock is running against us, tick, tock. We have to do some serious push back against Mitch McConnell for the sake of our planet.

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