Obama Vows Not To Sign A Budget Bill That Doesn’t Fix Sequestration

Boehner’s lame assessment of our President’s blueprint for economic growth only highlights his disconnect from reality. Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, both far from being liberal bastions of journalism, heralded President Obama’s economic record as quite an achievement, overtaking Reagan’s economic record and surpassing Clinton’s. Both publications even hinted that because President Obama came into office facing an economic devastation far greater than either previous president, his stewardship has been even better. And Boehner wants to continue trying to convince the American public that our President hasn’t been a responsible leader during these times of economic duress. If Boehner would switch gears and just look at two states; Wisconsin and Minnesota, Wisconsin has been governed in the tea party fashion by Scott Walker and Minnesota has been following progressive economic policies similar to what President Obama has been proposing over the past six years, the results are clear cut, Wisconsin is at the bottom of the economic scale of indicators while Minnesota is at the top, riding the road to prosperity. If Boehner were as intelligent and clued into what was good for the American people as he thinks he is, he would do well to study both outcomes very closely and also pay attention to both articles written in Forbes and the Journal, he then may learn a thing or two as to how a budget should be put together to foster strong, foundational economic growth that bolsters middle class expansion.  He clearly needs schooling in leadership, honesty and diplomacy with a concentrated focus on Keynesian economic policy; only then will he be up to the task at hand.

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