Obama To Young Scientists: ‘Keep Asking Why’

These kids and every kid out there, quite frankly, are where the future lies for our nation. I find it so incredibly comforting to know that our President is a closet geek, that he is such a huge fan of science and he gathers huge amounts of inspiration from our brilliant young scientists. President Obama is delivering such desparately needed enthusiasm, support and respect to these young enthusiastic thirsty minds. The message that our present day Republican Party sends, not only to children but to everyone else, is one that is fiercely anti-science and if we want to remain competitive in the 21st century, we have to  seriously counter it. Thank goodness for President Obama who loves playing cheerleader for these kids. One of our nation’s chief political party derisively not only treats science as something not factual, but something based on opinion or simply a matter of belief; meanwhile our planet’s health and our species safety rides on active political policy when it comes to climate change. If our government is going to be mired in gridlock when it comes to our response to climate change than it most certainly behooves us to at least make sure that we encourage as many children as possible to enter the sciences if only for their own sake. Our baby boom generation has most certainly made a horrendous mess of everything with their greed and short sightedness. I believe that they have a lot to answer for not only because of their poor economic steerage, but also constant war and poor resource management. Our millenials will be forced to forge new paths exclusively in response to shoddy past management. Happily I think that they will be up to the task.

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