Now We Know Why Huge TPP Trade Deal Is Kept Secret From the Public

Apparently the lessons from NAFTA did not reach Washington D.C. Meanwhile for the average working person, NAFTA has been disastrous across the board with job outsourcing, devalued work and job insecurity. When the TPP was first announced, it was compared to NAFTA but on steroids and after reading what Wikileaks obtained from an anonymous source, those comparisons were not hyperbolic, not in the least. I seriously do not understand President Obama’s strategy with these negotiations, I used the plural because there isn’t just the one, there is also the equivalent being negotiated between us and our European friends, these treaties do not benefit the American people in the least, the only ones who benefit are the corporations and they have been doing fine, even better than fine despite the trainwreck that was the Great Recession. The age of tariffs is long gone, there is really no need for grand treaties, to the contrary, we need FAIR trade agreements to protect the small grower from being taken advantage of by the big distributors, that I am on board with because we must decisively seek an end of exploitation once and for all. I believe that the minute that we have ended exploitation at every level of expression, be it from the small producer in a Third World nation, to sex trafficking, to sweat shops and to awful Right to Work laws within our own country, that is when we will have truly earned the right to call ourselves civilized. I also firmly believe that you cannot be a billionaire without being exploitative to some degree, it is impossible; no one has become a billionaire by paying every single employee a living wage with proper benefits and if there is such a billionaire, then I deeply apologize for calling them exploitative. My concerns about exploitation and extreme wealth come back to my nostalgia for smaller enterprise, when not everything was “super-sized”, before the Walmartization of America, when small to medium sized businesses thrived in our nation. I realize that nostalgia isn’t a solution but if we explored in depth the relationship between the workforce and management in small to medium sized companies and the cost/benfit analysis and then did the same rigorous analysis to the multinationals, I think that we would have a clearer picture as to how the economic disconnect became a reality once we went way bigger than we ever needed to be and I suspect that we will come to see that it has all been a mistake. I am hoping that if we can convince our President to abandon the TPP, that this decision will be one of many to get us closer to FAIR trade rather than free trade, which by the way, never  meant what many thought  it was supposed to mean. As the old adage says “Nothing in life is ever free”

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