Martin O’Malley: The Presidency ‘Is Not Some Crown To Be Passed Between Two Families’

I do have some serious reservations about a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign because first she has been cagey about what her intentions are and second she has performed a little too often on the speechifying circuit for huge sums of money and most of that money has come from Wall Street. I understand that Wall Street is a part of our nation, but they have had far too many things handed to them on a silver platter and I fear that Hillary Clinton will be only too happy to continue that cycle. One of the things that has disappointed me about the Obama presidency is that he chose Wall Street insiders such as Tim Geithner, Rahm Emmanuel and Larry Summers who made sure that the recovery touched Wall Street before anything dribbled down to Main Street. Hillary Clinton has made no secret that she has a great many friendships amongst those heavily aligned with Wall Street and I fear that she will continue what Bill Clinton did, listen to the neo-liberals and let privatization run its destructive course all for more profits. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton had a one on one a few months ago, to what end I am not sure, was it so that Hillary Clinton can reassure Senator Warren that she was going to pursue a more progressive agenda or was it Senator Warren championing the progressive cause in the hopes that Hillary Clinton will take it up as her own cause. All that I know is that the Republican way paves the way for greater income inequaltiy while the neo-liberal way also paves the way for huge income inequality; it is when we engage in progressive economic policies where the public good and the public commons are held in high esteem and we invest in ourselves, in our common interests such as water, public lands management, education and our infrastructure that we all come out ahead. Moreover when we had manufacturing as our main form of production and employment, when our union membership was much higher, our range of opportunities and possibilities were much, much greater. Martin O’Malley is correct when he said the the presidency isn’t a crown to be disputed by two political families, we need much more diversity in the campaign races, many more points of view, plans both short term and long term and finally a distinct voice that will set itself apart from the cookie cutter voices that we currently have on the political stage. I hope that with Martin O’Malley, the political conversation will take a much needed turn to the left and will take up important issues such as living wages, the environment, education, and opportunities for the future and our young people. It seems to me that with the current crop of presidential hopefuls we are beating every single issue like a dead horse; we are desperate for new perspectives.

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