Dick Durbin Says He Won’t Vote For Government Funding Bill Without Sequester Fix

If we look back to when and how the sequestration came into being, it was the stick that was supposed to whip them into shape and towards a viable budget; unfortunately for the rest of us, our congressional officials failed us mightily when they couldn’t come up with anything else but the sequestration cuts. Our economy has come back in spite of the sequestration cuts, not because of those cuts as the Republican Party would like us to think. Senator Dick Durbin referenced an important case in point, our medical research and development, experts at the CDC stated emphatically that during the Ebola crisis, if it weren’t for the sequestration cuts we could have had a working vaccination at the ready. This policy decision was not only bad decision making economically, but also socially and politically; it hurt us as a society across the board. I realize that governance is difficult, but legislators need to be able to look at the data, listen to their constituents, all of them and thereby make the best informed decisions. If we look at how the state of Minnesota is doing as an example, Governor Mark Dayton has taken a substantial deficit and turned it around to a budget surplus much the way Governor Jerry Brown did in California; these two democratic governors employed progressive economic policies, raising taxes on those who could afford it and investing substantially in education and infrastructure. The results have been positive job growth, better incomes and more consumer confidence. These examples aren’t ideological or theoretical, they are real world economic realities and I would love to have our democratic congress people fight very hard to have us adopt these proactive economic policies at the federal level.
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