The Rise of the Working Poor and the Non-Working Rich

The danger that surrounds our political discourse and the distinct ideologies that divide our political landscape is that either side tends to congregate within their self-identified group, thereby limiting their world view which leads to far too many misconceptions. However I would venture to say that the conservative mind, psychologically speaking, is more apt to stay within their defined boundaries; whereas the liberal mind is much more adventurous, rebellious and outward looking, so they do tend to look outside of the defined parameters of their universe often gaining some additional perspective. Governor Pence validated my point of view just the other day when speaking of the newest right wing law to dominate public discussions “The Religious Freedom Law” he said that he had no idea that so many ordinary people had gay friends and that this law would touch that many people from Indiana, he didn’t have any gay friends so that was why he was caught by surprise that so many others had them. You can apply the same principle to those wealthy individuals who live their lives either in gated communities or penthouses high in the clouds, they would be completely unaware that a full-time employee could be living below the poverty line and subsisting on food stamps. The term working poor applies  by far to the greatest number of people in this nation as opposed to simply poor. Moreover wealthy people do not appreciate how much work it actualy takes to survive when you are poverty stricken, how clever you must be in order to get by, always making it up as you go along. We are bombarded daily in the news as to  how charitable the wealthy are and how wonderful they are as benefactors, but when we had the full strength of our government behind the drive to eliminate poverty and hunger back in the 1970’s, we were far more ahead of the curve than we are now, several decades after republicans had pulled the plug on anti-poverty programs. Thanks to former President Reagan and his drive to reduce our government to nothing more then a military juggernaut, we have witnessed the middle class diminish, poverty increase exponentially, public school children deprived of decent hot lunches, physical education, music and other very important after school programs. The list is very long as to what the American people lost as a people when Reagan and his fellow conservatives made the concept of government an evil thing, not worthy of our respect and shame on us for buying into their message. We as the people, for ourselves and through our elected officials can advocate for legislation that will reinstate financial regulations, reform the tax code, reinvest in our public education, increase wages and introduce Medicare for all. It is within our ability as citizens and as voters to require more from our legislators.

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