11 Educators Convicted In Atlanta Test Cheating Conspiracy

This type of criminal activity is only one of the reasons why we should seriously rethink our current reliance on standardized testing to evaluate both our students and our teachers. I can list a few other reasons as to why we should steer away from testing post haste: 1. follow the money, corporations made huge profits from each step of the testing process, 2. the psychological stressors visited on the children is cruel and 3. the far too narrow method for evaluation hurts the teaching profession immeasurably. I know many people who cannot take a test, no matter how much they study and how prepared they are, the test itself causes their brain to freeze, give them an essay question and they will quickly show you their mastery of the subject, tests are impossible for them, I also find standardized testing to be a lazy way to “educate” and “evaluate”. Moreover the types of questions have been prone to be racist and sexist in the past; the SAT’s are a prime example of how the test is written towards a specific type of student. Recently Finland has done some soul searching and has decided to steer away from specific subjects in secondary schools and instead incorporating a more general approach that would link several subjects together as such that life itself presents subjects to us in our daily lives, be it at work or at home. I firmly believe that the most important skills that we can ever equip our children with are the analytic and critical thinking skills; just doing that would eliminate the need for standardized testing and replace it with good old fashioned reading. Our children would be better prepared to be the type of citizens that we most deperately need.

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