Iran, Cuba And China: Obama Steadily Builds Diplomatic Legacy

For everything that our President has stood for, worked very hard to accomplish and has tirelessly explained to us the people and to congress; we unfortunately have a political party that stands almost exactly to the issue most emphatically in opposition. Our President ran his first campaign on Hope and Change and if we examine his three foreign policy accomplsihments as laid out in the article, he has achieved the hope and change promised during his campaign; who would have thought that the United States and China could come together in agreement over carbon emissions  or that Cuba and the United States would walk down the path towards normalizing relations after 50 years or that at last we would have reached a long term diplomatic agreement with Iran and yet here we are, our President has shown us that hope and change is indeed possible, it takes courage, determination and the will to succeed, but it can be done. On the other hand we have our good old political party, the Republican Party, who has shown us that they regard hope and change to be serious threats to their perception of what America and its way of life is supposed to be and they are willing to go to any lengths to make sure that their perception of “America” stands unchallenged. Instead of hope and change being their guide, fear and greed is what drives their raison d’etre and between senators like Tom Cotton instigating that ridiculous letter to Iran or Mitch McConnell calling on all governors to fight the E.P.A on environemtal standards, we the people really have our work cut out for us if we hope to continue living in peace and being able to enjoy safer air to breathe, water to drink and healthy soil to grow our food with and raise our livestock. Fear and greed are enormous obstacles to overcome because they are so easily accessible within our psyche, hope and change require more from us, we have to work much harder to achieve those goals and sometimes it is just easier to fall back on the fear and greed that lie beneath our more civilized inclinations. Our President’s call for hope and change has been so very good for us as a nation, it has sparked an energy amongst activists that had been dormant for too long and we should never let the spark falter ever again. 

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