The Surprising Voting Rights Issue Both Democrats and Republicans Support

My first thought was what does it say about the Republican Party when they are more willing to approach the issue of improving voting rights for ex-convicts then they are when it comes to the poor, the African-American community and the elderly? I realize that due to the catastrophic effect of our Drug Wars, the overwhelming number of ex-convicts are African-American and they would be helped, but wouldn’t it be better if our congress could do more then just address one facet of our Voting Rights Act at a time?  Our Supreme Court made a disastrous ruling, the Voting Rights Act was  a necessary law and it still is because unfortunately racism is not over and done in our nation. Our disenfranchized need more from our elected officials and it is up to us to do that for them; I hate to be cynical but it is extremely disingenuous for the Republican Party to continue holding back the poor, the elderly, student and the Afican American communities from voting simply because they fear the results of across the board voting rights access. Since they fear those results, there are a myriad of ways that the Republican Party can respond to extinguish those concerns and fears, change pure and simple. Change on a variety of issues such as stopping the privatization of our public interests, funding public education, reforming our prison system and acknowledging that we still have issues when it comes to racism. Advocating for ex-convicts voting rights is great, but our congress can do so much better and they should.

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