For a Political Revolution

I love Senator Bernie Sanders! He is a breath of fresh air especially when he appears on the Sunday morning political show circuit, he doesn’t mince words, he brings facts and logic to the table, he stands up for the working person like no other in his feisty way of speaking. I think that what he has laid out in his op-ed is precisely what we need at this time to reclaim the average person’s right at the table. When F.D.R chose to upend the economic norm at the time and create Social Security, create other government programs to help ease the economic pains of the Great Depression and help create regulatory agencies to insure that Wall Street would not be able to gamble their way into another tailspin, he showed the world that good governance can change how things used to be and actually build an economy that allows hard work to be rewarded with a standard of living that could be accessible to everyone. That is the most important lesson of all that I think has gotten lost, the fact that the age of prosperity from 1942 through to 1980’s happened from specific policy choices implemented by our democratic legislators. The second most important lesson that hasn’t quite been learned as of yet is that those wonderful policy choices were carefully and slowly peeled away by republican legislators from the 1970’s and onwards at the behest of the finance industry and corporate America; so that they can build their fortunes back to the way it used to be, these financial powerhouses were intent on regaining their perceived rightful place at the head of the table, to reclaim the Gilded Age and unfortunately for us, they have succeeded and even surpassed what they had set their minds and ambitions on achieving. I hope that Bernie Sanders announces his candidacy because we need his voice to be heralded throughout the airwaves, throughout printed media and on the campaign circuit. His plan makes great economic sense and it is grounded in historic data; we owe it to ourselves and to our future generations to heed his words and his values and redress the economic mistakes that we have let happen over the past forty years. Enough with the greed of the 1980’s, we need to usher in a kinder, more inclusive and nurturing model to navigate the stewardship of our planet in order to heal her from our past abuses and egotistical behaviors.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, Bernie is the best. He always makes sense. He has always been a voice we can trust.

    1. I hope that he runs, just to make life so much harder for the other candidates. He brings real issues to the forefront. 😀

  2. The American Dream has taken a bashing. Your ‘lost lessons’ are right on.

    I love Bernie Sanders, too. If we can get him into office, he will be revealed to be as great as FDR. We need the new New Deal that Bernie offers us.

    1. Yes! Bernie Sanders would be the best! 😀

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