Netanyahu Goes On Sunday Talk Shows To Blast Iran Nuclear Deal

I find it to be unconscionable to have Netanyahu deliberately try to sabotage a multinational peace deal in order to satisfy his conservative right wing ideology and preference for war. At long last we might be able to get away from our short-sighted Middle East foreign policy and turn towards a policy more aligned with peace but it seems that Netanyahu and some of our own congress people will not have it. Why is it so hard to have peace? Why does war seem to come so much easier? Both outcomes take a lot of resources, I realize that peace doesn’t come cheaply, but war doesn’t come cheaply either. However peace can build economies, lives and futures whereas war only tears apart lives, economies and nations. This should be obvious to anyone, so why do we have these men in power who gravitate towards war inducing policies? Thankfully we have our President who may have received his Nobel Peace prize somewhat prematurely, but seems to be fulfilling his promise to be a peace building President. I most fervently hope that this deal will go through because then  we will have advanced one step closer to more stability in the region and a blueprint for future diplomatic resolutions.

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