Our Corporate Saviors

I agree with Mister Kuttner about the importance of our various social movements in persuading and nudging corporations towards better treatment of their workers and consumers; however before I let myself get carried away into belieivng that corporations are voluntarily going to operate as a force of generosity, I can’t help but remember that corporations operate with their bottom line and only their bottom line as their catalyst for change. Over the past year, I have come to the conclusion that not only will I vote with my voice, sign petitions to alert my congress people what my my values are, but I will also use my pocket book as an agent of change. There are several apps that tell you everything you need to know about the manufacturer and their product; one such app is Buycot and I make sure that I scan everything before I make the purchase so that I can use my purchasing power wisely. I make it a point to boycott all Koch products, I may be only one consumer but if every consumer in the United States did the same as I, our corporations would have a heck of a wake up call as to what we, the real economic engine of this nation require from those in economic and political positions of power. We need to take full advantage of every single option availale to us, if we are ever going to change the direction that the huge pendulum of economic mobility has swung due to  the past forty years of Reaganomics, if it is going to swing back in the other direction, we need to get creative and quickly.

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