Democrats Defying Obama On Iran Deal

Why can’t congress let this be for the time being? This framework is a light at the end of what has been such a long tunnel; even the Israeli oppositional political party feels that this could work out to be a very, very good deal for them and the world and yet the Republican Party along with several Democrats want to throw cold water on it before it even gets a chance, that is reckless and irresponsible. They aren’t the only actors in this world who get to determine if we, the rest of us, get to build a bridge towards peace instead of immediately choosing war as the first option. I am not saying that without the deal, President Obama will immediately go to war, but our congress by being so belligerent with their focus on keeping punitive economic sactions in play, makes it seem that they are hoping that Iran will take a wrong step, so that congress can present Iran on a silver platter and get their desired outcome of war with Iran. This scenario that I just painted doesn’t seem too far fetched if you look at the Corker bill that is being worked on as we speak and it shows that our legislative body is not interested in diplomacy, is so narrow minded as to not allow any other image of Iran enter their world view and is not capable of objectivity since it allows itself to be unduly influenced by the desires of Netanyahu. I sincerely hope that our congress will get out of our way and that there are more than a few congressional doves that will not allow this bill to become veto proof so that the United States, the Middle East and the rest of the world can move faster towards peace rather than the horrifying alternative.

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