In Rahm Emanuel’s ‘Embarrassing’ Victory, A Warning for Democrats

Corporate democrats may be considered democrats due to their social platform but when it comes to economics they are really old school republicans in disguise. After years and years of spoiling and bending over backwards for corporate interests everywhere, we have come to a point that is indisputable, corporate disengagement from their responsibilities to their communities has been devastating on several levels. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who services the corporate needs before his constituency and justifies it as a means to fix Chicago financial problems, is really taking the easy way out; burdening the lower income communities who don’t really have a voice is far easier than taking on corporate interests who have the economic clout to make his future elections very difficult. I would go as far as to say that many tax dodging corporations are quite simple unpatriotic; they put their bottom line before their responsibilities to their nation and at this point, in their varied attempts at dodging their tax obligations, they have all engaged in overseas tax havens which in my mind makes them unpatiotic. We have forgotten that back in the 1950’s corporations contributed 30% of our tax base, so that we had the financial means to invest in our infrastructure, our educational system and research and development; fast forward to the present and corporations expect tax breaks to stay in their respective communities, they pay less then living wages forcing their employees to apply for food stamps thereby shifting the supplemental income cost onto the taxpayer, how is this corporate economic behavior patriotic? Corporate democrats either have to be honest with their constituents and admit that economically they are really republicans or if they feel that strongly about their social platform take a deep breath and throw away their corporate donor shackles and re-engage with their communites, fight for the public school wholeheartedly, fight for the public commons and fight for the people instead of the powerful and wealthy, they don’t need anyone fighting for their interests, they have more than they need. The people haven’t and they are what democrats are needed for, an advocate for the little guy.

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  1. What I am in agreement with; you stating that democrats and republicans are really the same wolfs dressed in sheep skin. All in politics today have been forced to sell their souls to get were they are. All are forced, by the money brokers, to lie to us to get the vote and do as they are told , by the money brokers, once in office. We can end this corruption. Solutions are at

    1. Citizens United needs to be overturned and campaign finance made into boring and unprofitable civic type of duties.

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