Jeb Bush’s Call for Privatization of Veterans Care, and the Opportunity for Hillary Clinton

Privatization is not the way to go and we have real world examples that prove this fact. If we look at what many republican states have done to their public commons after selling them away to private conglomerates, such as toll roads, parking meters, waste water systems, the public has suffered from bad service, substantial cost increases, horrendous maintenace and customer service. Do we really want to apply this horrible economic and political model to the V.A and even to Medicare just because the party of the wealthy says it’s a good idea? What we need to remember is that our government is a tool that can only work as well as the people decide to allow it to work, it is up to us to come out and vote at each and every election. It is also up to us to get and stay informed about the issues that most effect us. When I think back to the horrible period of time when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House and he bulldozed right through and dismantled the way congress had previously been able to fund itself in order to do their due diligence and research, in order to be able to properly write legislation intelligently and “objectively”, making way for private lobbyists to swoop in and write legislation for congress; this fact that has been forgotten in the footnotes of recent history goes so very far to explain the horrible laws that have come out of congress since the 1990’s. ALEC, American Legislation Executive Council, writes almost every bill that has appeared in republican states such as Right to Work, Stand Your Ground and Open and Carry laws, they would be behind any bill that would render the V.A into a voucher system as well as Medicare and Medicaid being reduced to flimsy vouchers, almost worthless and with little regulatory systems at anyone’s disposal. We exist in a society of our making, we have the power to elect people to legislate on our behalf  and we have the responsibility to act on that power which means we have to vigorously oppose any privatization of the health providers and the insurance provisions that have served our veterans and our elderly. Of course there are problems, but we can get them fixed, there is no reason to surrender these programs off to the highest bidder only to let the private sector bleed the V.A and Medicare recipients dry, all in the desire  for more money.

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  1. We need to stop this corruption. This is one, of many others, such as the prisons, that should not be in the hands of For Profit or Non Profit companies. We are a nation divided into thousands of directions / causes with the wealthiest 400 doing the dividing. As long as we stay splintered, we will never stop the corruption. Have a look at this video. “″ frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen> If you agree, join us. Let ALL Of Us, the average people, come together in this one vision “TO END THE CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON DC”” and we will. Sincerely, CWS

    1. I agree with you completely about the insanity of our for profit prison system and thank you for the link 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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