Barack Obama And Cuba President Raul Castro Make History With First Sit-Down Meeting

President Obama is taking full advantage of every nanosecond left in his second term and I am so proud of him, he is mindfully steering our nation towards a better future with each action. Unfortunately we have a Republican Party who is deadset against any movement forward and has systematically fought him at every turn. If we look at the Republican Party’s reasons against normalizing relations with Cuba, they are all steeped int the past, which is where the Republican Party lives, specifically the time periods of the 1890’s and the 1920’s, era’s that worked for a small fraction of the American population. We should not have to go back to those times, but unfortuantely we have been led back to those conditions that many democratic legislators fought very hard to eradicate. Domestically the Republican Party has been very vocal and legislatively very busy keeping us back from our full potential and internationally the Republican Party has worked very hard to keep us militarily engaged everywhere and has stood in the way of peace as much as possible. We need to embrace this rapprochement with Cuba; our 50 year history with them has proven to be a bust and as President Obama has said if it hasn’t worked after 50 years, it is foolish to think that it will spontaneously work now. The Cubam people have sufered enough from punishing sanctions and it is time to open relations between the two countires. I am so happy to have a leader such as President Obama and I will miss him when he leaves office.

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