Bob Corker Says Iran Bill Can Withstand Obama Veto

Senator Corker and his colleagues, with this bill, have made it clear that they fear peace above all else and we need to remember this forever, the Republican Party would rather launch us into war then try to walk the long and often laborious path towards peace. In my opinion any democrat who signs onto to this bill should be aware that they have put their job on the line. We deserve a shot at peace and so do the Iranian people, I am not speaking about the war hawks in Iran, but the Iranian people themselves and the moderates that they had voted into office. The very same republican legislators who assured us that the incursion into Iraq would be fast and a determinant of peace and stability are the same ones that are telling us that Iran is not to be even trusted on any level whatsoever even when our intelligence says otherwise and at present they are fighting ISIS on the ground in conjunction with our airstrikes, we are fighting on the same side. We as nations haven’t had diplomatic relations since 1979 and yet we have been negotiating with them repeatedly through the years addressing the issue of their nuclear program; former President Bush scuttled a potential agreement because he had acted as the Republican Party is acting now, in bad faith, refusing to extend or accept compromise or dignity in negotiations, demanding capitulation and therefore getting nothing. We are finally at a point where we can achieve a very good agreement and our Republican Party wants to repeat the disaster that former President Bush made with the previous attempt at negotiations, just like with Iraq, Bush and his party were exceptionally wrong with Iraq, they were exceptionally wrong with their negotiating methods and they are exceptionally wrong now. Democrats be forewarned, supporting the Republican Party in this bill will be signing your termination papers effective next election.

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  1. ebrew79 · · Reply

    Corker is being Corker here. The real shame is Democrats like Chuck Schumer who are willing to do what Bibi Netanyahu wants as opposed to what the President of The United States and leader of their party wants.

    1. I agree, it is time for Bibi to realize that he doesn’t call the shots when it comes to our foreign policy. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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