Senate Republicans Propose Stripped-Down Equal Pay Bill

My issue with the Republican Party’s version of a pay fairness act is that it is still dealing with the problem incrementally, instead of the democratic version, which takes the bull by the horns and establishes informational operations and concrete parameters for both employees and employers, forcing the issue of inequality out into the open so that it gets addressed once and for all. We have had a law on the books since 1963, the Republican version, which only makes it illegal for employers to terminate employees for discussing wages, is pathetic when taken into consideration that we are in the year 2015 and paycheck fairness is still a pipe dream. The democrat’s version should be a no-brainer, employees should have access to wage records as well as the federal government because we still can’t rely on corporations doing the right thing on their own, they require a kick in the pants or else it doesn’t get done. The free market never does the right thing, it is only mankind that can do what is right and what is needed, isn’t that obvious by this point? Aren’t we tired of accepting crumbs from the Republican Party? First forty years ago they launched the idea of “trickle down economics”, prosperity drip by drip and now this tiny single file pathway to pay fairness; why do we have to wait to be properly treated? We need to voice our dissatisfaction by voting these republicans out of office.
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