The GOP Has A Split Personality When It Comes To Food Stamps

We have to stop this demonization of the poor immediately. I have come to realize that these negative projections have nothing to do with the poor themselves, but rather with those who are doing the mean and suspicious projecting themselves. It is only when you, deep down inside, are capable of nefarious things, are you then prone to assume the worst in people. Compassionate, kind people do not have those tendencies, so perhaps we need to examine the degree of compassion in our candidates before electing them to office. We, as a nation, spend so little on SNAP benefits in comparison to the tax breaks that our legislators allot to the wealthy and corporate America. In my opinion, those tax breaks should be seen as welfare as well, however when the recipient is of a certain class, those welfare handouts make good economic sense because it allows them the freedom to do better. How can the Republican Party not see the inherent hypocrisy in their cherry picking of handouts? If we give a helping hand to those who are in desperate need, we are giving them the opportunity to build up their own safety net, invest a little something in themselves, so that they could perhaps start building themselves a better future without the constant fear of food insecurity. We have to force these republican legislators to shift their thinking and to stop relying on private charity; we have a government that is for the people and by the people and we need to honor that by helping out our people who are in such need. Enough with the condemnations and the judgements, we should be united in extending help to those who are the most vulnerable. 

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