Harry Reid Says He’ll Force A Vote On Loretta Lynch If GOP Doesn’t Act ‘Very, Very Soon’

How long did we have to wait for our surgeon general? In my opinion it was far too long and to add insult to injury, we didn’t have our’s confirmed until after the Ebola scare; if we had had a severe crisis on our hands,  we would have been a little less prepared, thanks to the Republican Party. The various excuses for not confirming Loretta Lynch offered up by the Republican Party have no bearing on her qualifications as the next Attorney General; just because the democrats do not want anti-abortion language in the human trafficking bill should not make Ms Lynch’s nomination a non-starter, it’s an irresponsible way to govern, depriving the people of a key political  position simply because the other political party argues for something else in another bill. We shouldn’t have key political positions held up being filled as a way to make a point. I am surprised that Senator McConnell knows Senator Reid so little, as if Senator Reid wouldn’t use his arsenal of parlementary tools to get movement in order to properly staff our government. Our democracy, in order to properly work, needs the proper staffing, the proper resources and the proper employee pool; these requirements have been under fire since the days of Newt Gingrich, when the point of his master plan with Contract with America was to sabotage our government from the inside, starving it to render it as ineffectual as possible. Thereby leading the people to assume that the government was inefficient, forgetting or ignorant that our government had been raided of talent and resources by the very Republican Party convincing the people that they were the party to govern our nation. I am tired of having a political party  that believes that obstruction is a valid tool to govern, that will not take into account that women do not want government in their reproductive choices, that believes that tax breaks for the rich is not welfare because they are rich and deserving whereas poor people are undeserving because they are poor and that military solutions are the only solutions. We need an attorney general and Loretta Lynch is more then qualified, she should be confirmed now, today.

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